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Reselling naked products from The Natural Spa

Reselling naked:

Be sure to display either the information slip or your own version containing at a minimum the information we have sent to you on the slip. This must be displayed at point of sale and we advise you to suggest your customers to note the batch number in case of any issues the product will still be fully traceable back to the suppliers. 


Any products that are repackaged must include at a minimum the information sent to you on the information slip. You do not have to use our branding however we must be listed as the manufacturer with our address. 

You must use cosmetic safe packaging, if you are unsure whether your packaging is suitable please contact us at

You must send a picture of your packaging to us at so we can keep this on file and inform the relevant authority. 


Please note it is your own responsibility to ensure you are following regulation, we advise taking your own research to ensure you are following guidelines correctly, however we have provided the above guidelines to help you to resell our products legally. We cannot be held responsible for not following this guidance.


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Soap ( Bars and Ropes )

Bath Bombs

Face Wash 

Body Scrub 

Bath Soaks