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Claim your free Store Credit

We work with third party wholesale market places to provide even more convenient shopping options for you 

Take a look at the deals below to secure your free credit options. 


FAIRE  (Currently offering £100 off your first order with us and free shipping for a year for new retailers) Terms and conditions will apply. *Retailers must be new to Faire to be eligible

ANKORSTORE (Currently offering £100 to spend in our store when using this code LIFT-F9F9AFNH for new Ankorstore customers ) Terms and conditions will apply.  Please not there may be a set up time up to 10 days (but hopefully quicker). *Retailers must be new to Ankorstore to be eligible

Creoate 40% discount and 60 day credit 

The beauty of these Wholesale portals is that it is quick and simple to set up store accounts and they frequently offer great offers. Additionally they often offer credit terms and a faster transaction time, being "open 24/7".